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Zortman, Montana

Technology Gold Rush in Zortman
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Technology Gold Rush in Zortman
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            January, 20, 2005 ushered in the new golden era of the Little Rockies!!!
            "These Headlines,
                   "Gold in the Little Rockies!"    
                   "Rich Strike in Alder Gulch!"
                   "Nuggets as Big as Your Fist!"
were shouted from every newspaper in Montana and beyond the state.  The word spread rapidly up and down  up and down the muddy Missouri, to the camps of Maiden, Gilt Edge, Fort Benton, Helena, Great Falls and Butte.
          It was on July 3, 1884 that gold was found in the sluice boxes . 120 years  ago the buzz words were mining district, sluice box, mills, ore grade and stakes.  The sound 'bites have changed but they are just as exciting.  Broad band, high speed internet, ecommerce, telework, web pages, and ebay.
          The investment is not in a strike that may run out, but in the people themselves!!  The investment is their future and their childrens future.  This time people will stream to Zortman for the gold nuggets of new technology.  The ore which they take away will be cutting edge knowledge that will again restore Zortman and it's community to a viable place in the world market!  This is our mission. This is our future.
Stay logged in to this site to see who will strike it rich next!